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Argan Oil Keratin Spray


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CERIS ARGAN OIL contains a unique blend of Keratin Oil, extracted from the African Shea Tree, Aran Oil, Vitamins A & E & a naturally derived UV filter. Ideal for all hair types, this lightweight oil is especially beneficial to dry damaged hair.
It provides hair with extra shine without the greasy look. Prevents skin irritation. It coats each individual hair strand and repairs some of the damage. It also prevents evaporation of water or drying of the hair as well as the breakdown of the protein. It also temporally glues split ends together and makes the appearance healthy. Protect the skin from being damaged and keep looking young and healthy. Used as a hair and skin conditioner, and increases slip in products. To facilitate the combing of tangled hair, as well as to give hair a brighter shine. It forms a slick lubricating coat around each strand of hair so that a comb will move through the hair with less resistance.
• Argan Oil is good for:
– Perfect for all hair types.
– Argan oil hydrates the hair in a natural way.
– Stops the curliness & roughness of hair in an efficient way.
– Penetrates into the hair pores and enhances the elasticity of hair.
– Very nourishing for the growth of hair.
– Good for uncontrollable and unmanageable hair.-
– Restores the smoothness of hair & makes them manageable again.
– Strengthens the hair by repairing the damaged cellular membrane of hair.
– Tremendous agent for hair treatment.
– With the presence of Vitamin E, it’s very useful in restoring the natural hair and repairing the damage caused by destructive agents.
– Provides intense nourishment whilst smoothing and strengthening the hair
– Restores shine and moisture balance
– Instant absorption with non-greasy feel.
– Natural UV protection.
– Reduces dry time and is a tremendous agent for hair treatment.
• Argan oil can be applied to wet and dry hair.
• It can be applied by putting a few drops into the palm of your hand and applied to the hair subject to the length of the hair.
• If necessary comb through after to achieve the required style.
• Repeat above process if required.


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